SF2 Styled F1 Simulator

No one else holds the range of Grand Prix based simulators as Jemlar, if our full size unit is just a bit too large, then our SF2 styled units, may be the solution.

No less beautiful than it’s larger sibling, this unit is ¾ sized, as it has no rear section.
But it still squeezes in the responsive steering, true driving position, authentic race tyres & full in car sound system, like the full size unit.

And of course our fully trained and experienced operators are always there, to take excellent care of your guests, instruct the players and run any fastest lap competitions you require.

As with all our F1 styled units this is fully brandable, with livery options on the shell and game customization available as well.

  • Space required L 3.1m x W 1.6m
  • Power 1 x 13amp
  • Access double doorway no stairs