Slot Car / Scalextric

Model slot car racing is great fun for just about everyone, both genders and ages from 4 to 104. When a wide age range is at the same function, play is often split into groups; Ladies, Gents, Children, giving all a turn.

Beginners and experts can play in the same tournament without frustration or embarrassment. Physically handicapped players are often not at any disadvantage as the track is easily accessible to wheelchairs.

We utilize 6 or 8 lane tracks, which suit group sizes from a few upwards, with 15- 45 being the ideal group size.

The equipment is run by the Race Director, who uses their experience to structure the competition to get the most from the event. The exact running details will depend on many things, size of group, age of group etc.

The job of the race director is also to referee the game, use the public address system and radio microphone to address the crowd with race commentary and the odd joke. Organize the structure of the game using the computerized scoring. Making sure the rules are clear and policed.

  • Dimensions for the 8 lane 4.5m long x 2.1m wide (ideal space 6.5m x 4.5m)
  • Power 1 x 13amp socket
  • Access single door way, can access most lifts. Flights of stairs by prior arrangement only.