Motorbike Experience

Totally unique to Jemlar, offering players the opportunity to test their riding prowess on some of the world’s most famous racing circuits.
System supplied with dedicated instructor.

This is a real Motorbike converted to run a PC spec MotoGP game.

How it works:

  • Throttle – Right hand
  • Front Brake – Left hand
  • Steering – move the handle bars L or R
  • Gears – Automatic for ease
  • Bike lean – being able to lean the bike allows the player to imitate real rider action. so you can lean through the corners, just like a real bike!!!
  • Sound – All the race noise to bring the experience to life!
  • Leaderboard – Supplied with a race leaderboard to display the all important Fastest Lap names.

Customize it:

The bike can be personalized to the client’s requirements with our livery service, both on the simulator & the surrounding optional display stand.

  • Space required L 3.5m x W 2m
  • Power requirements 1 x 13 amp
  • Access single door way.