Full Size F1 Styled Simulator

Jemlar hold 2 of these full size cockpits,  the very best F1 simulators available to hire on a world wide basis.

These stunning units are fitted with the very latest PRO ST responsive steering and pedal control system. All Jemlar’s sims are fitted with these. Our custom built software, enables us to place your logo onto the most prominent places around the track, on hoardings, bridges and in the menu screens, not forgetting in vinyl, on the car itself. There truly is no simulated driving experience like it, bringing you closer to the racing track. But you will only know how good, at the first corner, of your first lap. The sensation players feel through the steering wheel whilst driving is comparable to the real thing.

If you get the opportunity to do 8 laps flat out, I can honestly say, that you will know that you have been driving, because quite simply, your arms will ache. At most Corporate events though our set up is based on 2 or 3 laps maximum.

This simulator boasts:

  • Force-feedback steering to register every bump and shunt.
  • Powerful surround-sound system to create the adrenlin-pumping roar of the F1 2.4 litre V8 engine.
  • Quick-release F1-style steering wheel.
  • Manual or Automatic gear shift with gear lever paddles.
  • Adjustable pedal position to accommodate drivers of most height
  • Bespoke software – on fast, hi-spec gaming computers to give:
    • Stunning pin-sharp graphics and powerful physics to create the best in racetrack realism.
    • Options for adapting cars, tracks and menu screens – as with the simulator itself – to feature company branding, logos and corporate livery.
    • During a race when the playewr presses the brake pedal all 4 tyre rims glow from yellow – orange – red to imimtate the heat effect seen on braking.

This simulator’s versatility offer thrills and action whatever the occasion

  • Single-driver fastest lap competitions.
  • Multiple-linked race set-ups for head-to-head races, with the hot track action shown on the audience 50” Plasma screen or projector screen.

No forgetting that this unit is supplied with our dedicated, trained operators to ensure you & your guests get the very best experience.

  • Space required L 4.5m x W 1.85m
  • Power requirements 1 x 13 amp
  • Access double door way. No stairs

This has to be the ultimate Carbon Friendly static F1 drive experience. Our fully immersive triple screen display technology literally allows players to see around the corner, for maximum attack. Even our 1900 paddle shift steering wheel with working rev lights and integral LCD screen has been included, as our passion for perfection is relentless. Even the dials on the wheel go up to 12! Hey, we’re one more than Spinal Tap, how good is that!!!

Players gain access into the cockpit with shoes off, no compromise here I’m afraid. By simply pressing a button we can automatically adjust the accelerator & brake pedals to suit each players height for comfort. Remembering our full size F1 car does offer players an authentic race driving seat position.

As you would expect a Jemlar experience is fitted with an equally superb in car sound system. At the starting grid in manual or automatic gear shift, you’re encouraged to rev the nuts off it, hearing the engine hit the rev limiters whilst waiting for the lights to turn green. Flicking the paddle shift into first gear and your off on the ride of your simulated life. What is the trick to driving fast; learn the circuit by using the onscreen map and learn the racing line, if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you drive on the limit? Our onscreen map should help you work out where the corners are!

Did you know the faster you drive the less you blink your eyelids. By using our onboard bullet cam linked to a secondary screen, spectators can literally see how long you dont blink for. When driving at speed closing your eyes for a nano second you already travelled 1 – 200 yds. where’s the wall – ouch!

Real race tyres adorn the car, but whenever you use the brake pedal, the wheel rims light up to imitate the transfer of heat under the strain of braking, in addition to the rear light illuminating.

Our fully trained and experienced operators are always onhand to take excellent care of your guests, offer instruction and run any fastest lap competitions that you may require.

For each event we can prepare a selection of winner trophies, race day passes & race memorabilia as required. Our 1st 2nd & 3rd place race podium is always a hit for the end of the day for the Champions elect player photograph, however we prefer not to have players spraying any champagne!!!