Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide highly trained staff to run our equipment. In most cases they become more than just an operator. They run competitions, interact with the guests breaking the ice and are technician to ensure all the equipment runs smoothly. (With the exception of the Putting Challenge the operator is optional, due to the easy of use of the unit)

Yes, we carry full public liability insurance at all times for the UK. Certificate available on request.

Yes, available on requested and updated for each client’s environment.

Yes, we supply simulators throughout the UK & Europe, and through partners across the global we can supply America & Pacific Asia.

Yes, we supply a full livery service. You supply the logo & Jemlar have it created as livery and then apply it to the shell of the equipment. You can have the game play branded as well, so your company name / logo appears in the experience as the player races around the track.

Details on access are listed on the product page, in the banner. If in doubt please call for advice & we are also happy to visit your chosen venue to confirm suitability of equipment.

The pedals on all our driving experiences are adjustable, and in some cases the seat as well. So we are able to provide for most heights & sizes of adults.

Only with prior arrangement, and then the equipment must be sited in a marquee with flooring and a stable power supply.

The majority of the equipment is supplied with a 42” plasma screen as standard, and depending on the client’s individual floor plan the plasma screen is mounted for maximum audience viewing. Or, where space is limited as both the player’s screen & audience screen.

We can also supply additional large plasma screens to show current leader board positions. This can also be branded with client information. (Optional extra)