BATAK - Speed Reaction Challenge

As used by many professional sports players and teams as a training aid to increase hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision & stamina.

The Competition lasts 30 or 60 seconds. As soon as the target is struck, the next target lights up but how many hits can you achieve? Quick throughput gameplay perfect for exhibitions and trade show stands.

The two led displays, display the current score and countdown time. The targets are numbered and arranged and verbal instructions are given to the player during the exercise of when to start.

When being used by children we can disable the top 2 lights to keep within the child’s reach. The unit is provided with an operator, and as a standalone or wall mounted version! Perfect for exhibition stands, lifestyle coaching training aid, internal office motivation & fund raising attraction.

The Batak machine can also be branded with your logo. Multiple units are available

A complementary scoreboard is provided to record every attempt.

Our Batak Speed Reaction Challenge is extremely mobile and will fit through any doorway.

I hope you enjoy the Speed Reaction Challenge.

  • Space required L 2m x W 1.5m
  • Power 1 x 13amp
  • Installation time 5 minutes