Product Range to Hire / Rally
  Rally Full Size / Rally Mini Sized
  • Space Required  L  2.2m  x  W  1m 
  • Power requirements 1 x 13 amp 
  • Access double door way. No stairs
scale sized rally
MINI- Sim Race Car for Rally-GT-Tintop Experiences

Small on space, but NOT small of features, quality or excitement.
Completely unique to Jemlar.

This little beauty boasts:-

  • Fully responsive steering
  • Adjustable seat & pedals, (so it’s very comfortable for all heights)
  • Manual or Auto gears
  • Handbrake (for aceing those hair pin turns, or for just practising doughnuts!)
  • Full In-car sound system
  • Working rear brake light
  • Race driver’s seat
  • System supplied with dedicated instructor.

Perfect for Fastest Stage Competitions

Choose from either an on board monitor (as shown in image) or go really big with a 42” plasma in front of the sim, for intense player & spectator interaction.




Livery Services

The mini sim can be personalized to the client requirements with our livery service.

scale sized with branding
The Gameplay

Rally Experience Drive the worlds best Rally cars and complete in a Fastest stage!. Offering a choice of driving surfaces including snow, ice, gravel, tarmac and mud!. Terrific sideways driving action with replays and individual sector times. Remember to use the handbrake to induce the power slide to tackle any demanding hairpin bend!.

Touring and Circuit Experience A choice of challenging circuits where you must battle for position to gain a Fastest Lap. All the latest cars and circuits to choose and race on. Finding the true racing line will give you the fastest time around the track, but don't forget to use the whole track width, including the rumble strips!.