Product Range to Hire / Motorbike Experience
  • Space required L 3.5m x W 2m
  • Power requirements 1 x 13 amp
  • Access single door way. No stairs
Motorbike Experience

Totally unique to Jemlar, offering players the opportunity to test their riding prowess on some of the world’s most famous racing circuits.
System supplied with dedicated instructor.

How it works:

  • Throttle - As a normal bike
  • Front Brake - As a normal bike
  • Clutch - Allows the player in the game to lean forward for less wind resistance, releasing it to air brake.
  • Rear Brake - As a normal bike
  • Gears - Manual as a normal bike or auto for ease
  • Motion Base Interface - with low revs the game looks at the handlebar control.
    At mid revs, the game looks at a combination of handlebar and rider lean.
    At full revs the game senses the bike lateral tilt, so you can lean through the corners, just like a real bike!!!
Customize it:
The bike can be personalized to the client’s requirements with our livery service, both on the simulator & the surrounding optional display stand.
bike in expo stand
Bike sim Bike sim
Bike sim
Bike sim