Product Range for Hire / Grand Prix
Full Sized
The top of the fleet & the very best full size simulator available, as used by F1 teams Grand Prix - Full Sized
3/4 Sized - 2005 Model
Beautifully styled & equipped ¾ sized racing unit Grand Prix - 3/4 Sied - 2005 model
SF2 Styled
Classic ¾ sized unit easily custom branded Grand Prix - SF2 Styled
Lotus Experience
When space & access are an issue. These units deliver the thrill of racing. Newly refitted with force-feedback steering. Grand Prix - Lotus Experience
Pro Race Trainer
Exceptional driver training aid Grand Prix - Pro Race Tracer
Pro Racer
Fun racing experience when space and budget are limited Grand Prix - Pro Racer
Just about the largest range of racing simulators available anywhere, whatever your space we have a racing simulator that will fit the spot. And we don’t comprise the quality of the drive either. Our simulator hire fleet uses the best bespoke PC driving experience available. The word game does it an in-justice. Link the simulators together to race head to head. Would-be or professional driver? This software is a must have driving tool. Replay your laps, analysis and check your stats, then change the car set-up & drive again, comparing the data.