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  Putting Challenge
  • Dimensions h 1.53m l 2.7m-3.3m (6 or 8ft putt) w 1.53m
  • Power 1 x 13 amp
  • Access single door
Putting Challenge
The Putting Challenge has beautifully simple operation, the player putts the ball aiming for a hole in one, and after each putt the ball is automatically returned to the player, and the course contours change for the next hole.
Audio information instructs the player to which green they are on and which of the 1-4 players has their turn.
An electronic caddie keeps the player/s score for the duration of the game.
Suitable for the complete novice or accompoliced golfer, with Amateur, Professional & Champion settings.
With 108 different hole contour combinations, 9 or 18 hole options.
Competitions are based on the lowest score winning. The scoring is :
1 for holeing the putt
2 for stay on the green
3 for hitting the boundary
Its compact design makes this ideal for areas with limited space. An ideal way to capture the audience at exhibitional stands and conferences. For serious competition or just for pleasure. The scoops header board can be branded, to raise the company profile, or the unit can be integrated in to a stand
dual units to keep all your clients happy
built in stand unit
Branded scoop