Product_Range to Hire / Speed Reaction Challenge
  • Space required L 2m x W 1.5m
  • Power 1 x 13amp
  • Installation time 5 minutes
Jemlar - Speed Reaction Challenge
Available to play right here and now with a click of the mouse! Come, visit and test the real thing at Silverstone. Or hire it for your event...

The Competition lasts 1 minute; As soon as the target is struck, the next target lights up but how many hits can you achieve in 60 seconds?

According to various blogs it is believed that the fastest ever times have been set by Professional Football players & Formula One drivers as part of their training programme: Heikki Kovalainen 116 & Jenson Button 114!

Whilst our unit was based within the Donington Park Interactive area, we witnessed Mark Knowles of Donington record 120 hits. Simply breathtaking to witness live, watch the video, but can you see any errors, where he could of hit more?

Our units are available to play at Silverstone, or we can bring the unit to you! But can you, or your team do better? No real prize, but if you do I will put your photo on our web site for all to admire!

70 � 80 strikes is normal, with concentration anything is possible!! Fully versatile & beneficial for all ages.

The two led displays, display the current score and countdown time. Verbal instructions are given to the player during the exercise of when to start.

As used by many professional sports players and teams as a training aid to increase hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision & stamina. Other game plays include multiplayer, team building exercises, multiplication tables and 'simple simon'.

When being used by children we can disable the top 2 lights to keep within the childs reach. The unit can be provided with or without an operator, and as a standalone or wall mounted version! Perfect for exhibition stands, lifestyle coaches, internal office motivation, training aids & fund raising attractions.

The unit can also be branded with your logo. Multiple units are available by prior request. A complementary scoreboard is provided to record every attempt. The Batak Speed Reaction Challenge is extremely mobile and will fit through any doorway. Size : 2m x 1.5m Power : 1 x 13Amp socket Instalation Time : 5mins I hope you enjoy the Speed Reaction Challenge, available now.

Mark Knowles 120
World record setting Mark Knowles of Donington Park,
120 hits in 60 seconds!
Speed Reaction Challenge
Sensational for drawing attention

Speed Reaction Challenge
Extremely addictive and provides great competition!